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  • ladipo John 9 months ago

    Whye so many ads? This is no longer fun!

    • OurMatch Team 9 months ago

      There are alternative players if you don’t like dailymotion.

    • Giakou_mi 9 months ago

      1. It is not the fault of ourmatch.net that an external video player allows and/or places several adverts on a single video.They are giving us several options!! As they replied to you, if you dont like dailymotion use the other ones.

      2. In order for us (including you ladipo John) to be able to see highlights on such a great video quality and for free someone else (behind this website) is working hard. Obviously the team behind this brilliant website needs to get paid. So shut the fuck up and enjoy the content of the website – or otherwise pay a tv subscription (irony though – even on tv you will see ads – so I guess you have to commit suicide and leave the rest of us enjoy football highlights here) !!

      To this end, and on behalf of everyone else, THANK YOU OURMATCH.NET TEAM FOR THIS GREAT WEBSITE. Block the haters. you dont need them and we dont want them.