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  • Henry 9 months ago

    It is so wrong on all levels to have 6 adverts on just a 7 minutes clip. So wrong.

    • OurMatch Team 9 months ago

      There are alternative players if you don’t like dailymotion.

      • It is so damn wrong!
        Sort it out you greedy twats`!

        • Giakou_mi 9 months ago

          omg you are an idiot!

          Dear Ourmatch.net team,

          On behalf of all of your fans, please block this ip. It is either a kid or a pathetic competitor who creates fake profiles. Who ever you are Ryan/Henry fuck off. Ourmatch.net is the best!!! Go back to your bed you fucking failure of nature!!!

    • Giakou_mi 9 months ago

      1. It is not the fault of ourmatch.net that an external video player allows and/or places several adverts on a single video.

      2. In order for us (including you Henry) to be able to see highlights on such a great video quality and for free someone else (behind this website) is working hard. Obviously the team behind this brilliant website needs to get paid. So shut up and enjoy the content of the website!!